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Refurbished "Crossover" Golf Cars

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Refurbished "Crossover" Golf Cars

The QuieTech Crossover has a PTV Look without the new PTV price!

These crossovers are fleet cars that were redesigned to look like a PTV. It has the QuieTech features that include Independent Rear Suspension and quiet technology to make it the quietest gas golf car on the market. We also added aftermarket headlights and taillights to give it that PTV look. We have a large variety of other accessories to customize the crossover to your liking!

What Is A "Crossover?"

"Crossover" is an internal term for our detailed refurbishing process. Essentially, a fleet golf car is returned from service at a golf course in our territory. Through a very thorough refurbishing, this golf car "crosses over" into a new life as a retail-ready personal golf car! These cars are given a new life in the individual retail world, and offer customers a way to buy something "new" without spending new car prices! 

Where do these cars come from?

Our crossovers all start life as Yamaha QuieTech fleet cars. They are distributed into service at golf courses around our territory. Usually, we can tell you exactly which course your car came from, if you'd like to know! The Yamaha QuieTech is the premier quality fleet car available. Most golf courses keep a fleet for three, four, or five years before they trade into a newer fleet. When the golf course gets their new cars, we get their old ones! These are the units that we use as our starting place for building a Crossover.

How do you refurbish them?

Our talented golf car technicians have been working on golf cars for a long time. We know all of the ins and outs of these units. We start the process by stripping the cars all the way down to a frame and an engine. We then give the chassis a thorough cleaning and inspect the engine closely. Of course, the engine is given a complete service, but we also take special care to evaluate the compression, look for wear in the cylinder, inspect the clutches, and replace all of the belts and wear items. Our goal is to bring the golf car as close to "new" as possible.

After the internal components have been refurbished, we install a newly painted body in one of our many custom colors (or, if the customer requests, we can also install a brand new factory-painted body). We install a new top, and new standard stone color seats. The base crossover package also includes a new set of 10" black steel wheels, as well as new tires. We also install headlights and tail lights, completing the base crossover package.

What's included in a Crossover?

  • Fully Refurbished Engine and PowerTrain
  • Custom-Painted Body or New Factory Body
  • Standard Stone Top
  • Standard Stone Seats
  • Headlights and Tail Lights
  • 10" Black Steel Wheels and Tires
  • Driver and Passenger USB Ports
  • Four-Wheel Independent Suspension
  • Yamaha's Famous Quiet Package
  • Masek's Warranty (Powertrain - Parts and Labor Through Dec. 31st)

Can I Customize My Crossover?

The crossover makes the perfect platform for customization. Most of our crossovers are built custom, either on spec or built-to-order golf cars. Give us a call and work with one of our expert golf car designers to create your dream custom golf car! There are so many custom colors available, as well as upgraded and deluxe seats, upgraded wheels, accessories (like windshields, club and ball washers, floor mats, etc), rear facing seats, speaker systems, enclosures, and TONS of other options! Call us to design your perfect golf car!