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Welcoming the Vivid EV Range: Revolutionizing Local Electric Vehicles at Masek's Golf Cars

Vivid EV at Masek Golf Car Company

Welcoming the Vivid EV Range

Revolutionizing Local Electric Vehicles at Masek's Golf Cars

Hello, Masek's family and fellow golf car aficionados! We're ecstatic to welcome a vibrant new addition to our dealership family: Vivid EV. This forward-thinking brand is reshaping the landscape of local electric vehicles with their breathtaking lineup. Let's get to know two of their star models better: the Peak G and the Peak 4L, now available right here at Masek's.

Peak G

The Peak G from Vivid EV is an embodiment of the brand's dedication to superior quality and innovation. It comes with an outstanding 8-year limited battery warranty and a 4-year limited car warranty, reflecting our commitment at Masek's to provide you with the highest value for your investment.

But the Peak G offers much more than just durability; it promises a ride filled with elegance and comfort. All-LED lighting graces this model, including side lights, headlights, tail lights, and signal lights, ensuring your journeys continue seamlessly, even under the night sky.

Featuring robust 14” wheels with striking rims, the Peak G lets you navigate your neighborhood in style and comfort. Its all-aluminum, non-corrodible frame promises many years of adventures without the worry of rust or corrosion.

Step inside to find plush, luxury bolstered seats that take the comfort of your ride to a level you'd expect only from a luxury vehicle.

Peak 4L

Like its sibling, the Peak 4L shares the same stellar features as the Peak G, inclusive of the all-LED lighting, premium wheels, rust-proof frame, and the plush seating. It also assures the same impressive 8-year limited battery warranty and 4-year limited car warranty.

With the Peak 4L, Vivid EV reaffirms their promise of delivering top-tier quality, comfort, and style. Whether you're leisurely driving around your neighborhood or heading off to the golf course, the Peak 4L ensures you do so with the highest level of comfort and elegance.


Vivid EV is a brand that truly embodies the transformation of the local electric vehicle experience. With their commendable warranties, fashionable designs, and comfortable interiors, the Peak G and Peak 4L make for a wonderful addition to any golf car enthusiast's collection.

Keep your eyes on our Masek's updates for more exciting news on Vivid EV and their thrilling lineup. We look forward to helping you discover the perfect golf car that meets all your needs, right here at Masek's Golf Cars!